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How to make a design team change from using Sketch to Figma?

I love Figma. It is the first tool I used for UI after years of break in digital design.
I love it for its collaboration, performance, ease of sharing work, design capabilities (auto layout, components, etc.), last but not least - prototyping. Figma shaped my workflow, I design and prototype simultaneously. However, a few months ago I changed my work. I love working there but they still use the Skecth+Abstract+ Marvel combo. When I saw it my first question to myself was “why, if there is Figma?” I don’t know why to this day. I tried introducing Figma and its capabilities but the team was indifferent. Do you have some ideas why some design teams keep using Sketch? Any tips on how to make the team use it? (Design team is small, 4 designers, DS needs still a lot of work, I use Figma, but final designs still have to be in Sketch and Abstract)

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If this workflow doesn’t have any issues compared to Figma and it works for your team — then why switch? But you can try to find specific issues that would be solved in Figma and point them out to the team. For example, “this person went on a vacation and forgot to upload their final design to Abstract, this won’t happen with Figma”. Also find things that would save time, e.g. “we have to manually sync our prototypes to Marvel, it takes X time, in Figma that won’t be necessary”. Time = money.