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How to handle multiple overlays properly?

I’m new to Figma, currently teaching myself how to use the tool.
I have the following situation:
I have a main page. In that main page i have an icon which opens an overlay. Lets call this overlay “grandparent-overlay” for reasons that will become obvious in a second.
This overlay has a search bar. And on-click a make-believe “type ahead search results” dropdown opens as another overlay. Lets call this one “parent overlay”.
Now for design reasons i want a hover effect on these search results. So i have a third overlay, “Child-Overlay”.
Now what I would like to have, is that when I click on “child overlay”, it closes “Parent overlay” and changes “Grandparent overlay”.
I know this doesn’t work, but is there any way I can fake the whole situation? I don’t seem to be able to manipulate a “parent” from within a current overlay. I can overlay that parent, but then i can’t close “both” anymore. Would I just have to work with completely new frames and variants of the main page?
Here’s a link to what it looks like. The plus icon at the bottom starts it all.

Thanks so much in advance!

Now you can reduce your use of Overlay with Interactive components especially for trigger effect like onHover, OnClick