How to get the user's Big Nudge setting?

I’m writing plugins to perform a “super nudge” and would like to make it relative to the user’s Big Nudge setting.

Is there an API solution to fetch the Big Nudge setting? I’ve searched the forum and the internet to no avail. Help! :slight_smile:

Nudge amount is not available from the Plugin API. This is a user setting that is stored in the browser/app’s Local Storage.

Perfect, thanks for the quick answer Tank! Didn’t realize that’s how the settings were stored.

Do you happen to know if there’s a way to get the value from the browser’s local storage via custom plugin?

Actually, I think I found the answer by opening Figma in my browser and using the dev tools. The key is called “big-nudge-amount”, and here’s how you fetch it:


But from the plugin, you still won’t be able to get to localStorage and get/set the value for this key.

Oh I see … plugins are sandboxed or iframed or something I guess. Bummer.