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How to get list of system fonts while developing plugin

I’m developing figma plugin using ReactJS and want to get list of font families that’re installed in computer. Is there any way to get them?

Do you want to get list of font families installed on the computer or the ones that are available in Figma? These are two separate things. I’m not sure how you can get all installed on computer (try to search the web, it won’t be different in a plugin from a normal website. But getting all fonts available in Figma is easy:

Thanks @Gleb for reply. I want to get list of font families installed on the computer not which are available in figma. I searched a lot in web but didn’t find any solution.

I noticed that figma is using this route for getting local system font families. which is of local computer path. Can I use that one for the same?

You probably can’t get local fonts, this is not something web browsers allow you to do. That’s probably why Figma is using the Font Installer app which allows them to use this local system path to get fonts. So if Font installer is installed on the computer, you may be able to use this in the plugin, otherwise no. So your plugin would only work for a portion of users, if this idea would work at all.

Thanks @Gleb ,
Will it be good if I use this path to get fonts ?

I’d say no because there are no official apis for this and it could always change without your knowledge and your plugin would stop working entirely, not only for the portion of people.

Okay Thanks.
Then I think there’s no other way to get system fonts right?


Thanks @Gleb