How to export images in PNG instead of SVG

Hi, I have an issue with my export for google, here is the error message I receive (I tried to export my graphic elements in PNG instead of SVG but it won’t work, my graphic elements still come out in SVG…) :

« Des tags de clic incorrects ont été détectés (cela peut être dû à des macros non compatibles) : clickTag=“Alexander | Condos à louer au Centre-Ville | Devimco Appartements”. En savoir plus sur les macros non compatibles dans le centre d’aide : Limitations of HTML5 creatives in Ad Manager - Google Ad Manager Help »

Limitations of HTML5 creatives in Ad Manager

Ad Manager does not currently support creatives that use SVG tags within HTML files. Instead, you can include standalone .svg files and reference them in the HTML.

Also, Ad Manager macros are not supported within HTML files or destination URLs unless they are one of the following GDPR macros:

  • ${GDPR}

thanks :slight_smile: