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How to export a part of an object as new SVG?

Hi, design noob here.

I’m trying to export a part of these rectangles but can’t figure it out:
I masked the biggest part of this shape with rectangles (please see screenshots) but can’t export it properly in SVG - even when I draw a slice around the part I want to export.
Flatten doesn’t work either

Can’t we simply cut a part of an object in Figma and export it as is?

Screenshot_1|627x500 ?

I think you are confusing “cutting/masking something” and “putting a rectangle on top of it”. The easiest way to crop an object in your case is to put it in a Frame and enable Clip Content in it, then scale the Frame down to the necessary size. You can also use a Mask but the result in SVG code would be slightly different.

Thanks for your reply, @Gleb
I managed to do it thanks to your indications.
Plus it’s important to mention that you need to hold command/control key while resizing the frame, so as to ignore the constraints, otherwise the content you want to crop might disappear because of the constraints.
I struggled a bit before finding this tip as well. but am now all set!
Hope this helps.
Best, Gonzo

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