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How to enable features in this forum

If you are new, you might be thinking “Why can’t I post? Why can’t I vote?”

The reason is that this forum system is based on Discourse which heavily uses Trust Levels to give out capabilities.

So how do you get Trust? Read this here:

TL;DR - You have to spend alot of time here to get capabilities. Personally, I think it’s a bit much, but we will see how it goes. Here are some of the details below:

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

To get to trust level 3, in the last 100 days…

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days
  • Must have replied to at least 10 different non-PM topics
  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)
  • Must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes.*
  • Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)
  • Must not have been suspended or silenced in the last 6 months

I suppose it’s like a game and you have to gain achievements. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing @Glen_Lipka. I’m working on some guides to make all of this easier to understand. :slight_smile:
We have control to change these settings, and will be keeping a close eye on which ones don’t feel quite right or need adjusting.


Bootstrapping a community (like now) might need loose standards to get it going and then slowly tighten them up over the course of a few months. You don’t want people showing up and giving up on the same day. Get people hooked with lively content and conversation.

Specific suggestion: Give people Trust Level 1 right away for a couple of months. And maybe give out more votes.


This is all subject to change but I’ve gone ahead and adjusted it so new users start at Trust Level 1. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:


I am not a big fan of gamifying contributions.

I was so impressed that Figma took yet another step to do what Macromedia did so well by creating this area to listen and understand their users/customers. This being said it is very discouraging to run into things like voting limits on day one.
Why? In what universe does this make sense? There are quite a few topics that I too would like to acknowledge. Now I have to pick what is the most important 4 topics to me. It is like asking someone which one of their kids is their favorite. Please consider.

On a similar topic, one thing that I have always enjoyed about Medium articles is the ability to give multiple claps (0-50). Basically giving readers the ability to show their level of appreciation for articles.


Hey Christian, thanks for the feedback!

The voting limits were default settings, and something we’re going to readdress all-together soon. While we don’t want to have something too limited, where you’re forced to pick just your favorites, we do want to find a balance between encouraging conversation and just voting for every single topic.

I too have always enjoyed the multiple claps system on Medium. Out-of-the-box I don’t think that’s something possible here, but I’ll definitely take a look.

Again thanks for sharing your feedback! :blush: