How to embed/nest text in a frame?

I am new to Figma, so apologies for this very basic question: how can I copy&paste text into the frame, rather than it sitting on top of the frame as a separate layer? Also when I simply add text (or any other element, like a widget) it goes on top, separately, rather than being embedded in the frame, and then it does not show up in present mode. I tried, in the left navigation bar, to move it into the frame, but it does not work. Any suggestions?

Hello @Agnes_Mlicka

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What you need is Paste here function, Select the frame and inside it, right click and chose paste here.

To master Copy and paste in Figma, Please read this article.

Copy and paste in Figma is so fun

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Hi @SohrabNiroo,
Thanks so much for your quick reply! Yes, I tried the ‘paste here’ option, both for text and for a widget, but that does not work. It’s still pasted on top as a separate layer. Any other ideas?
I read somewhere that if ‘auto layout’ is on, it’s not possible to embed text in a frame, but the ‘auto layout’ is not on. I keep on searching the net for an explanation, without success… Grateful for any further suggestions!

Your Welcome @Agnes_Mlicka

Could you please share a Video of what’s happening to you? It’s strange and I like to understand your situation correctly to help you.

Are you using browser? If so download the App and test that too, sometimes there is a big difference

I am getting closer to the source of the problem:
I am using components and variants rather than frames (still learning what these are, but I wanted a frame as template that can control all the other frames, as variants - maybe wrong approach). So when I create a new frame, I can embed text and widget. But this is not possible with the component and variants. Any idea why not?

In response to your question, I am using the desktop app, not in browser.

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You can paste a component into frame but it can make some Conflicts in your prototypes, Don’t do it. And you can’t put frame into component unless it behaves as a component.

You can’t use rather :smiley: , they have different usages.

I explain it a bit to you

Components and frames are top level Figma instances.

When you want to implement a component into your action frame, it should be an instance of it.

Although you can make several components into a Auto layout if they act completely separate from the design prototype, Select them and use Shift + A to make them into auto layout

Also you can use the new feature Section to group items without effects on you prototype and clean up layers

In conclusion: Use frames to design and use components to have templated design and use component instances in the frame use the mother component and manipulate its properties.

I hope I could explain it to you

Thank you so much! Now I understand where I went wrong. Need to redo everything, turn components back into frames.
Many thanks again for your time! :cherry_blossom:

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