How to edit a component that has lots of variables

Sorry if this is a noob-like question.

I’m trying to edit a Form UI Kit, it is made up of components and each component has lots and lots of variables.

I would like to change the look of all the variables inside the component but I’d rather not go through each variable individually. Is it possible to edit the original component so that it updates all the variables at once? Like, say changing rounded corners to sharp-edged corners.


When you edit the main component, all its instances (that are presumably used within the form) will be updated accordingly.

The main component is made up of all the variables. If you look at - Main Components - Forms and Inputs - Input

This is the UI Kit I’m trying to edit “Essential Forms & Controls UI Kit” If you clone it and then look at - Main Components - Forms - Input. You will see what I mean. Input is the component and that is represented by a big dashed line that goes around all the variations of the forms/variables. As far as I can see there’s no way to edit one to edit them all?

Yes you can

  1. Select the first variable layer you want to edit and do the Edit, then Copy ( Ctrl + C )

  2. Now make sure you’re in the Design tab on the right panel

  3. Then select the 2nd variable layer that you edited in the first and want to make the changes happen to it.

  4. You must be able to see an icon under your selection like Target ( or aim Gun ) :smiley:

  5. hit it and all the same layers in different variables will be selected, If you want to deselect some Hold shift and deselect wanted layer

  6. Now just hit ( Ctrl + Shift + R ) or right click and choose Paste to Replace

The edited layer will replace with the chosen layers

Thanks for your response but the problem is that I can’t edit any variable.

I click on a variable, say “Main Components” - “Outline, 1, Text, Default, None, Icon=No, Helper=No” - Then I click on the - “Label” layer and try to move it, it then breaks outside the variable and jumps to the top of all the layers?

… OK I figured it out, so simple when you know how. I just copy components to my project and edit them in there :open_mouth:

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Your welcome, Just wanted to say what to do then I saw you handled it yourself.

Best Luck!

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