How to display or hide main component names?

Hi everyone!

I am new to Figma and am trying to help myself being the fastest possible when creating my libraries. I am naming the most correct possible my components, and would like to have the name of it shown in my frame.

After creating an auto-layout from two components, I noticed that Figma automatically isolated the original components, adding their name above the component itself, in purple.

I would like to display them on all my other components. I searched in Figma and on the web, but did not find my answer.

See the attached example (I would like to have the top result on the bottom result, as well as on my other components). Do you know where this option can be found? It would be quicker than naming them with a text field one by one.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Components with purple titles - are the master components. All their copies are the children and don’t have that titles.

If you are creating an auto-layout from 2 components, the master components, that is with purple titles will be inside the auto-layout box and the titles will be hidden - so there will be no master components at the top.

So if you want to see that titles - don’t put them in some frame or group.


Good evening @Natalie_Doronina and thank you for you fast reply.

I understand what you say. And indeed this seems to be the problem.

Knowing that, what is the best practice to organize nicely and clearly the components, rather than putting them outside of everything? Would this be using a section?

Thank you again and have a nice evening.

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You should read about Atomic design if you want to achieve the best structure.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Gonna have a look right away! Thank you so much.

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