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How to disable displaying my designs on my profile page?

Hello fellow designers!
How to limit visibility of my profile and designs to only the design I’m sharing? I want to share my design on social media with frames inside a project using Share button”Copy link”.
Now, when someone open the link, is redirect to Figma page with the design in concern (which is fine), but then they can view my profile too. When they log in, they can click on my Internal profile and they can see all my designs. Showing my profile is fine, but how to disable or manage which designs to display.
When using Share button I want to share only one specific design with frames in it. Thank you!

Hmm that sounds concerning, I think it would be better if you reach out to to Figma support team via the support request form and send them some screenshots/videos so it’s a bit easier to understand what’s going on.

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hi gleb
thank you for responding
i’ll send the request to the support team
thanks again for your time
the best