How to delete all the files under delete tab?


I am using Chrome and when I click on CTRL + A, all of the files are not selected ?

Even when I try to drag over the files with mouse, it won’t select them ?

Is this a bug that won’t let users select all the files to delete at once ?

This is a bug that needs to be reported to the support service via the form at the link: Submit a bug report.

You also wrote about it here: Delete all button to remove all the files at once

And so that you can select and delete all files right now, you need to start dragging the mouse a little to the left of the files thumbnail or a little to the right of the “Restore file” buttons. In your screenshot, these places are behind the selection.

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Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed it is an overlay issue selection. Based on the suggestion you made, I managed to select all the files by really really really focusing my cursor to the edge of the screen and the dragging it.

I will submit a bug ticket for it, thank you again :smiley: