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How to decide artboard size?

I’m trying to work on a prototype for a client. We’ll be building an iOS app since our core users are mostly iPhone users. Right now I’m at the Hi-Fidelity wireframe phase, where I’ll be building an interactive prototype for the users, without any branding/ colors. Just to test the idea.

My problem is that I can’t decide which iPhone artboard to go with. I hate it when, with some prototypes, you end up having weird black bars when it’s not built for your phone’s screen ratio. Should I just go with an ‘iPhone X’ artboard or is there a way to make it more responsive where it fits all iPhone sizes?

If you make the screen scrollable, it will fit any screen ratio (as long as its height is enough). But if it’s a fixed screen size, you need to pick one, iPhone X size is a good choice.

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