How to create automated tests for implemented iOS and Android Figma Designs?

The Question
Are there any plugins or 3rd party tools that people know of and or use in order to automate the testing of implemented designs.

The Problem
The designs being implemented by our front end mobile developers do not end up looking like the designs.

Problem Assumptions
These mobile developers

  1. Know how to use the inspect pane/bar on the right hand side of the Figma application.
  2. Know how to select UI objects/elements on a given art-board/screen design within a Figma project and measure its spacing relative to some other object (or the entire screen/art board itself)

The Current Solution
Product designer screenshots a mobile screen implemented by our mobile dev team, pastes the screenshot into Figma, over/under lays shape objects, lines, and other elements to create a sort of “visual markup” artifact that is then used to compare with the original design. This comparison is a simple side by side comparison with the original design. Often a screenshot of this side-by-side comparison is given to the devs by attaching it to a QA Jira ticket.

Problems With The Current Solutions

  • It’s slow
  • It’s manual
  • It must be done repeatedly, meaning each time a dev submits a “hey I fixed it” it must be re-tested and if wrong re-marked up by the designer.

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