How to copy a rectangle below an existing rectangle, rather than on top of it

I’d appreciate some guidance on how to copy/paste a rectangle so that it appears just below its source, rather than on top of it.

I can see this working the way I want it to when I use shared resources (such as Figma). For example, select a row from a table, copy it, paste it, and it will appear BELOW (not on top of) the source.

However, when I start a Figma file from scratch, all copying/pasting sits on top of the source object.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m guessing you are duplicating (which is basically the same as copy+pasting) things within an autolayout. So look up tutorials how they work and you’ll be golden.

For a video covering this topic, see Figma in 5: Auto Layout - YouTube at 1:53

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