How to convince your company to use Figma throughout the entire organization?

I’m wondering if anyone in the community might have ever created a pitch deck to present Figma to the management board and convince the board members to introduce Figma throughout the company?

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

Hey Marco! I’ve had a lot of success in this area by getting folks to agree to pilot the tool on a small project, and one where I am working directly with them on the project so I can help teach the tool. Certain features will come up during these projects and some won’t, it very much depends on the project’s needs. But this lets you show utility that matters to each audience rather than trying to sell them on all the awesome stuff Figma can do all at once (for us, this is exciting, but for folks who are new to the tool it could be overwhelming).

Depending on the size of your organization this approach may be tedious, but building rapport can be a really important factor. I think working in small groups can have a large advantage over doing solo demos or big presentations where you lay out your argument. Getting people in a file with you and producing something valuable, collaboratively, is really powerful.

Hi Marco!

Recently my company moved from Sketch to Figma. I did a case study, if you are interested. Check out the reference articles as well.

When bringing the topic to the leadership, we talked about not only the tool pros, but also about the opportunity to review the DS and do an accessibility check in our fundamentals. Sadly I can’t share the deck, but the article should be of help. We got the approval for testing the tool for 2 weeks, and planned this really well. The test worked, and we are migrating everything.

Part two of the article talks about learnings of the test:

Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more about this experience.

Hey Alice! Thanks a lot for your reply and your insights. I already did a comprehensive evaluation with the main focus of security and data privacy as this is super important at my company when introducing a new tool. Despite that we (my UX team and my manager) all agree that Figma will be our tool for the future. What I need to do now is to come up with some management slides that will show the benefits from a business point of view addressing time savings, go-to-market.

As my company is not so familiar with the current product design approach (design, evaluate, handoff to development) I was asked to show the process and its benefits of designing concepts and mockups in Figma before writing any lines of code. We all know that it is the best approach but our management who is not so deep into this it means that I have to pitch this process to implement it into our DNA of how to create digital products and to get more buy-in for growing our User Experience team.

I am going to create those slides and share them here in the community and maybe also write a Medium article for all the others who are interested in :slight_smile:

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Hey Raquel! Great articles :upside_down_face:. I had a look at them and as I mentioned in my previous reply to Alice I will keep you in the loop!