How to convert the figma prototype into gif?

I had created a figma prototype of a progress bar which changes it’s color, along with my brand name which also changes color (I have applied linear gradient to both). Now, how should I convert the same into gif? Please help.

I think you need to use a plugin for that.

I haven’t used these myself but they look promising.

Thank you. I tried Motion but did not get what I wanted. Let me see what Gifmock is.

GifMock is good. But, there are very limited options. The gif is not at all smooth

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Well, you could do what I do when I want a gif and record the screen.
For making gifs I think ScreenToGif is very easy to use. That is if you’re on windows.

If you’re on a different platform then you can use to look for something that works on your system.

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Which one should I download? Installer or Portable? :sweat_smile:

If you’re worried it might mess up your system then portable is the safer option. I’ve done a normal install and had no problems so far.

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