How to change view only after designer is let go?

I had to let a designer go. He had taken control of the editing process which I did not know. No my new designer is only able to view. What is the best way to take back editing controls?

Three options:

  1. If you are owner of the file, you can remove his access and make your new designer the editor

I’m assuming you can’t do this, so…

  1. Ask the designer to transfer ownership of the file back to you or your new designer

  2. In view mode, duplicate the file to your drafts and then place it back in the project

Option 2 is best if your designer left on good terms. With 3, you will lose all comments when duplicating the file.

Moving forward, I would make sure that all critical files are owned by you so you can better manage this in the future. Hope this helps!

Thanks so much!

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