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How to change the reference point

Hi, Figma

I want to ask if there is a way to change the reference point
Here is upload image to show my problem!

I want my reference point to be in the top left corner because i don’t want my “Y” coordinate not to be -2609. This is very important when you have to re-create something.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi @Nik_Ugrenov, is your selected layer in a frame? Check it out in the Layers Panel.


I create a text frame type text and then i want to make to position of this frame from the top left corner in exact x=140, y= 50. And i want my reference point to start from the top left.
Imagine that i have a art board like illustrator and i want to move the x y cordinate to be 0 0 in to top left angle…how can i do this

From your screenshot, I can tell that the selected object is not in the frame, but above it in the layers panel. Or your dark object is a rectangle.

Could you share a link to a file or show the layers panel?


Here i send to see everything you need.
MY problem is that i not want “Y” value from the position to be - 2592
I want to be measure from the top left corner of my art bord which i color in black
Can i define the reference point from where to measure the value for X and Y or not.

Your objects are on the canvas, and it shows the coordinates of the canvas. In order for these objects to show the coordinates of the frame, you need to wrap them in a frame.

You should get something like this nesting:

Main Frame
- Frame 2
-- Logo
- SportsTool
- Colors
- Etc.
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