How to best indicate developer changes in Agile env

Ok so, we are working in agile environment. I am designing huge project, and while doing so, my team is already developing already designed parts.

Now, a lot of times I have to go back and change some things in previous designs that developers are working on or worked on already. Either they notify me, that something is missing etc…

What ways are you guys using to indicate developer that this has changed, added, deleted etc. so they can easily follow and update things?

I like view when merging branches that you get these what has changed, but when you merge it - you don’t get it anymore and I think that could be helpful to developers to go through different merges?

What you think?

Depending on the changes we are handling this via our ticket system and/or verbal communication. This works for us. However I’m interested in how others handle this.

I could also imagine using comments and to tag the developers.

Of course both means that you need to write down what has changed.

You could try using a widget: Changelog | Figma Community