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How to batch update styles?

Coming from Sketch, I find that Figma is not strong enough for agencies. We have to repeatedly create design systems, so we need a base to start from.

How the heck can I batch update styles ???

Example :
I have all headings text styles set with Montserrat
and now I want to set all styles with Roboto at once…

Same case for all styles already created, I want to modify them and then update them keeping their name and structure.

Do I really have to edit each styles one by one :scream:

Styler is not the answer.

Thank you

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Yes unfortunately you will have to edit each style one by one (as far as doing it natively).

However, there is a plugin that I often use for that.

Not Styler but Batch styler by @Jan_Six

Batch Styler

I encourage you to create a Product ideas topic to raise your point (very important indeed).


Yes thanks, I didn’t find it.
You give me hope, I’ll try it right now :slight_smile:

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If you have any feedback for Batch Styler let me know! :pray:


@Jan_Six sorry to “slide in” to this convo, but it would be GREAT, if there would be a possibility to batch edit style descriptions with the Batch styler.

In design system work, this would improve my workflows (we use the style descriptions to match with the documentation elsewhere).

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Received that request a couple of times already, got it on my list already but will try to move it up :+1:

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NP! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Just published a new version of Batch Styler allowing you to edit styles’ descriptions! Give it a try: Figma Batch Styler: Multi-Style Plugin for Figma › Jan Six › Product Designer based in Austria


:wave: Hey @Fred_Tinsel ,

I’m so excited because this is the first feedback about Styler where I can see s different opinion than mine.

Could you, please, tell me why Styler is not working for you? :blush:

I’m asking because styler can update bulk multiple styles. Here is a flow for this if you don’t have the layer setup:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Use “Extract Styles” to get the styles as layers
  3. Detach the styles from the desired layer then change with the new properties (color, effect, text)
  4. Use “Generate styles” to update the styles

Note that in this flow you should not rename the layers or styles, so in the end to be a match between those two.

By doing in this way, you can even update the styles across multiple files by extract, copy, paste, generate if those names match.

There is still a behaviour that I plan to fix in Styler and that is for when you have only effect, layout grid styles to not extract a layer that has a white bg.

Hello @Andrei_Iancu
To my mind you can’t help me with my workflow… because it’s linked to the fact that Figma doesn’t keep the original style in a time capsule when it is modified (the little * in
So I can’t expect to update anything … there are no tracks of modifications, every style have been broken

For example in my screenshot
If I change the green, figma breaks the link to the style

And if I understand, your advice, I have to rename my border left 4px
from [4px-left] to [Color-2D/Variations/Borders/left/4px] ?

Thank you very much for the feedback! :v:

This is a very interesting approach for the styles!

Unfortunately, Styler doesn’t work with nested layers, but it would be a very interesting feature!

There are few issues in implementing such a feature. :thinking:
For example, layout grids can be found on frames and components, so it cannot be a way to get the structure/naming of the style.

So a short answer would be, yes, you would have to rename the layer that contains the styles as you said and select those layers when you use Generate.

Something that I believe I forgot to mention in the description of the plugin is that people should not try to update and rename selected layer’s style in one go because the match is made by one of those 2 factors (name or attached style).

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