How to backup figma files automatically using its API (or by using some other tool)?

Hi everyone! I woul’d like to backup all files from my figma projects. Is there any way to do it by using figma’s API?

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I wish we could export an entire project or team via a simple checkbox or button at the project/team level (select all please), then click export. The Figma Support team can move files from one instance to another instance of Figma, but the process is full of gaps and draw backs - mainly, file access/permissions are erased in the new instance, so you have to open every team and every project and rejoin, one at a time.

I think a tool like Keyboard Maestro or Automator or Shortcuts for macOS could be used to script this process, but that in itself has a very steep learning curve.

I don’t think the API can/could create new files. There was a discussion in the old forum on the same topic, that’s my recollection of the outcome.