How to align a component to another component that is already inside an autolayout frame?

I searched the forum, but I couldn’t find an answer to my question.

I have a process shown in a horizontal line with steppers. Each stepper is a variant and I have combined them in an autolayout frame.

I want to align a frame of text lines (see selected frame in image) with a specific stepper (the stepper with the “x”). As you can see the stepper I want to align the frame of texts with is not in the center of the process so I can’t just make another autolayout frame and center them both.

In this forum I learned about the plugin Align To. I tried it, but it didn’t work in this specific scenario.

I made the attached image by eyeballing where to put the frame of texts, but I would like to center them precisely so it is always centered regardless of the texts’ lengths.

How can I do this?

Thank you in advance! :bowing_woman:

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 13.18.11