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How to add sound to my prototype?

I want to add UI-sounds to my prototype. How is this possible? I only fund non-sufficient workarounds.


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No, this isn’t possible. And there are no workarounds other than using other prototyping tools for that, so I can hardly call this a workaround.


Thanks for the info, Gleb. I can add sound by embedding code that refers to a sound, but that doesn’t work for other contributors when they don’t have the plugin. That’s what I meant with a workaround. Is there something in the pipeline? Our entire design department is waiting heavily for such a feature. Without audio, it’s just half the story. Thanks!

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You can use ProtoPie in the meantime. There were no announcements about audio support in the future. Also feel free to create a suggestion with detailed info about the feature you need in the #product-feedback category.

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@Gleb Not totally true :grinning:

Hi, thanks for the tip. But that doesn’t work if you want to share the prototype or document with an audience that don’t have the plugin.

It seems like you can share a link to your prototype to your client.
But I have not tried it out for myself

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