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How to add sound to my prototype?

I want to add UI-sounds to my prototype. How is this possible? I only fund non-sufficient workarounds.


No, this isn’t possible. And there are no workarounds other than using other prototyping tools for that, so I can hardly call this a workaround.

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Thanks for the info, Gleb. I can add sound by embedding code that refers to a sound, but that doesn’t work for other contributors when they don’t have the plugin. That’s what I meant with a workaround. Is there something in the pipeline? Our entire design department is waiting heavily for such a feature. Without audio, it’s just half the story. Thanks!

You can use ProtoPie in the meantime. There were no announcements about audio support in the future. Also feel free to create a suggestion with detailed info about the feature you need in the #product-feedback category.

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