How to add elements on top of responsive frames?

Hi there!

So I’ve been designing a website and came across one struggle :grimacing: How do I add elements such as icons on top of other frames/responsive elements of my website?

Using the screenshot example, how do I add these icons on top of my responsive table and make it centrally aligned to each of the columns?

Also using the second screenshot, how do I add these squares to the corners on top of the responsive container?

The second screenshot with the squares:

You can achieve these results using absolute positioning and constraints.

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Oh yeah, it worked, thank you a lot!

But it seems there is a bug in Figma, because when I add these icons on top of my table and set the absolute position, it automatically adds the same shadow to my icon container as the table’s. When I go to the properties of the icon’s container, there’s no shadow in the properties.

Do you think it’s a bug or I am doing something wrong?

It’s not a bug if the shadow is applied to the top level frame. That’s why in my design I added another frame behind the table to act as the shadow caster. You’ll see it if you inspect my design file.

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Got you! Cheers!