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How to add a horizontal progress bar at the top of a page

Hello all! I have a question

I would like to create a progress bar at the top of a page, so that when you scroll down, it fills up the further down you go - giving the user a sense of where they are on the page (e.g. like the site on this link - Top 8 Best Recipe Websites (to Search Food Databases) [2021] | RapidAPI) . I was wondering, is this possible? And if so, how do I do it?!

Many thanks

In Figma there is no way to attach actions to scroll. So I’d recommend to simply create a static mockup of this progress bar and let the developers know how it needs to be implemented. And there is usually no need to prototype such a small detail. But if you really-really need it, you can switch to ProtoPie or Framer for prototyping.