How to accomplish full bleed footer on webpage layout that uses padding?

I have a page layout that keep all content in a vertical stack of 1256 px wide, and on a light grey background. The footer is dark blue that must be full bleed.

It seems like the only way to have both a fixed content width and a full bleed background color for the footer if the whole frame to have 0 padding (satisfied the full bleed) and then put all non-foot content into a frame of fixed size.

I have unnecessary nesting. Is there a better way to accomplish this?

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Hey John, have you got a link to the file so others can see for reference? :slight_smile:

I assume you are using auto-layout to achieve a page builder style effect for the entire page layout?

You could possibly utilise the absolute position feature, but this seems like it could be even messier than your suggestion of your parent frame having 0 padding (which would have also been my approach for tackling both full bleed and non-full bleed elements)

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I can’t share client work. But it seems that just nesting more frames was the easiest solution.

Absolute positioning of the footer required hacking the parent frame size so it correctly hugs the content.

Nest is the least bad solution I think.

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