How figma resize video <500mb without losing quality

I am deadly want to know how Figma upload video on their website with small size without losing quality like this page Design System Software | Figma

I hand off a video for dev but I am too struggle with these things. My videos are simpler and shorter than Figma’s video but when resize it, they look mehhhh :melting_face: and bigger

Can you show me how to do that?

Figma video 10s:

Mine 6s:

@Anh_Truong While the time of your video is shorter than the Figma one you mentioned, it’s likely that your design has elements that are larger/more complex (which is why your export is bigger).

Regarding the quality, it would be helpful to see the file you’re working with – this can help us give you more specifics on what you can modify. I can’t accept copies of the file via the forum, but you can file a support ticket here and someone will assist: