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How does a paying customer get help with product bugs?

It’s extremely frustrating that a paying customer has no way of getting in touch with customer service for help with product bugs that make it impossible for said customer to use the product the way it was designed to be used. Reports via the chat-bot get a single automated reply, and no further reaction for over a week now.

You can contact the support team at this link: Submit a request – Figma

That is the exact form that the chat-bot shows, and the report has not ben answered to for over a week now.

Probably due to the large number of tickets, the support team needs more time to respond. Maybe community members can help you?

Thanks for the reply, I’ve been hoping to get get help here as well. The forum is a bit problematic when it comes to choosing proper categories or tags (some of which are rejected/can’t post with a specific tag selected).
I’ve posted the issue in this forum: Colors from a library updated in inspector but not design which probably isn’t the best place to post the topic, but I was unable to find/select more fitting category/tags.

As to the large number of tickets: I do understand that might be an issue. However, as a client trying out paid features who’d like to suggest to his organization switching to the Organization plan with a larger team, I can’t seriously start considering the switch when I can’t expect getting help with problems that stop my work for a week+.

I’d love to be more understanding, but I’m not the one making decisions on Figma’s business model or the way the company supports paying clients in the subscription model. For now, it seems Figma is becoming a victim of their own success, like many companies before that were unable to scale up accordingly to their growing userbase.