How do you see you background alfa for overlays in inspect mode?

As a designer in edit mode I can specify an overlay’s color and opacity if added, but how can a developer with view only access see such info in inspect mode?

I can always add a Infocard with such info in the side, but I was wondering…


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I’m having a similar issue.
How to show devs the transparency details of colours and layers.
Example: I’m using a color style of #333333, which in some places is then followed by a transparency of 50%. However in dev mode the colour shown is only the full #333333 without any transparency info.
Using an info card would kinda kill the purpose of having an inspect mode.


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Hello there, same as above but: how to do that in DevMode?
Developers are asking info about the overlay background.

Where are these info stored in DevMode?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there, Thanks for letting us attention this.

I tested on my side , I noticed that when I select an object on the canvas, I can see the Hex code and alpha value in the Colors section of the Properties tab on the right sidebar.

How you inspect a design file depends on your plan type, seat type, and your file permissions. There is a helpful tool in Guide to inspecting that shows how to perform common inspection tasks. Please take a look!

Additionally, here are some related resources you can find more details:

Hope it helps! If anyone from our community has additional insight, please share here.

If your developers find that their experience doesn’t align with the above, I recommend reaching out directly to our support team here:
When you contact our support team, please include the following information:

  • Please use the email associated with your Figma account
  • Please share a screen recording that shows the entire Figma screen, including the properties and layers in the left and right panels, make sure to expand the relevant layers.

Thanks again for reaching out!