How do you maintain your source of truth file?

I’m working on app projects that has multiple sprints, changes, and updates already.
I plan to create a source of truth/production/live file but I wondering how everyone

  • manage to keep the source of truth file updated and aligned on changes
  • As frames are on separate pages or files do you manually copy and paste each update that has been pushed to production?
  • How do you document?
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This is a really good question that I also have. Unfortunately I don’t yet have answers, only a bunch of questions like you. Solving this exact scenario is my present mission of the month, so I’ll keep this page linked and report back here any progress.

Off the top - I’m wondering if there is a way to keep a linked version in the Truth file, that is a page-level component or something, and then keep the source in the spec file for that project. That way it would mirror how InDesign worked with Illustrator back in the day. This is probably a bad idea, but it sounds plausible.