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How do we retain image fill settings after replacing an image?

Here are the fill settings of the original image:

After replacing the image using “choose image” under fill settings as well as menu > file > place image, the fill settings reset to default:

Is there a way to retain the original, custom image fill settings even after replacing the image?

If you hover over the imported image in this “image edit” window (the one in your screenshot), and replace it by selecting “choose image” (instead of using file->place image), the fill/fit/crop etc. settings stay the same.

Yup, I’ve tried replacing it using “choose image” as well, but the settings still reset after the image has been replaced. :confused:

@rai Here is a video of this in action:

The window to select the file didn’t record because I’m recording just the figma window, but I just selected a different image and clicked OK.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t happen for you.

Thanks for sharing the screen recording @Kass!

While replacing the image this way does retain the fill/fit/crop/etc, it still resets the rest of the settings (exposure/contrast/saturation/etc).