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How do we create a style for text hyperlinks?

By text hyperlink I mean this.

So let’s say we want all text hyperlinks in our design (which can be part of a text layer and not the entire text layer), to appear as follows:

  1. Not underlined
  2. For the text color, use a color style (for example, let’s say “primary color”, which is #F88078)

How do we set this up?

You can create a Text Style and apply it to every link manually. There is no such special thing as “hyperlink style” in Figma.

Yikes. This seems like a basic thing to set up when defining a theme within a design system (the styling of text hyperlinks).

I wonder why this exception exists. Having to manually apply a style for every text link in a design doesn’t make much sense, especially when Figma has its Styles capability. :thinking: