How do I turn off the rainbow loading bar?

I understand it’s Pride Month, but this feels a bit too on-the-nose. I can’t find a setting to turn it off.


wait lol xddd


I don’t think you can, I’ve also searched for a setting to turn this off when sharing links with clients. I don’t have any objections for showing pride support personally (and I think it is fine on the free plan to be honest) but I think paid plans should have the option for those of us who are showing work in corporate environments.



See also:


This is a politely put and valid query/feature request.

@kukapishixdd and @Avana_Vana please leave your trolling to your social networks.


My reply was not meant as an attempt at trolling, it’s just that this topic comes up every year, and the company’s position on it is well-documented. The “add new topic” screen literally says…

Please search for existing topics before posting! Press :mag: at the upper right to search.

…before you can type into the post body field—something OP clearly did not do.

you can use this extension: GitHub - VityaSchel/figma-no-rainbow-loader: Chrome extension that replaces rainbow loading bar on with brand loading bar
the loader is so annoying, not cause hate pride month, i just don’t like colorful things.

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Any chance you can give us an option to make the rainbow progress bar permanent?


I’m always perplexed by people who are triggered by rainbows. They always seem to say “stop forcing things down my throat”, as if their bigoted beliefs aren’t forced on the LGBTQ+ community every single day.


This is the new world record for how many straw men one can fit in single comment.

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Jesus christ, what the hell have I started

I’m pretty sure I did.

I have no problem with the pride/rainbow loader but, I think there should also be the option to simply switch back to the default loader if you prefer it – my screen, my choice. Better user experience.

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Here you go: How to remove LGBT color from Figma loader