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How do I scale my print design on Figma?

I’m designing printables on Figma and I intend to offer them in size A4, A5 and Letter. Do I have to design in one size then transfer to another size and adjust the elements there? I’m new to design and I think it will take too much time doing that… Any ideas would be much appreciated!

My recommendation is to:

  1. Make the items common to all three sizes individual components
  2. Start with the smallest size (A5) and lay that out, setting up constraints on that frame so that the components scale/resize appropriately.
  3. Once the A5 is done, duplicate the frame and resize to A4 size manually, then repeat for Letter.

Since all the print elements are individual components, you should be able to change the base and have those changes apply to all three sizes moving forward.

There are a lot of other approaches as well, but that would be how I’d try to tackle it.


thank you I’ll try it out!

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