How do I rename this?


I’m trying to remove the “page 1” text from the name but I can’t find how to rename it (I’ve attached a screenshot to this post).

Please can someone advise me?

Kind regards
figma issue pic 1

Hi there!
If you have edit access to the file, you can click on “open”, then in the new window, on the top, click “⌄” and select “Open in editor”
Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 14.59.28

Then, in the editor file, on the top-center, you can edit the title.

(If you are not able to do it, this usually happens because you are not owner of the file or you can’t edit the file.

If you want to edit, you’d need to ask the owner of the file to grant you an access to the file with “can edit” permission or, you can also duplicate the file in your draft to edit it depending on your use.) Hope this helps!

Hi Celine,

The file name doesn’t contain “page 1” yet when I launch my file in prototype mode it says “page 1” like shown above in my screenshot. I can’t find how to remove the “page 1”.

Please can you advise on how to remove this?

Kind regards,

Hey again,
After double checking, actually your file is a prototype link (you can see the grey play icon on the top left), so it’s not possible to rename it and remove ‘Page 1’ unfortunately.
(You can only rename when it is a Figma link, you can spot them with the blue cursor icon).

Hope this clarifies!