How do I make my navigation bar icons go to the desired page immediately?

I have a navigation bar at the bottom with icons requiring a double tap to navigate to the intended pages and I’m not sure how I managed that. Anybody know how it could’ve happened? I’m thinking it may have been an interaction issue but I’m unsure. Project

Thanks for showing your example.

I’m still not sure how you set it up, but I put together this rough example of how it could be set up to work as expected.

View Prototype
View Figma File if you want to see how it is set up.

Hi Nate, thank you for your response. I have something similar to that but not sure what else is missing. I’m attaching the settings I have it set on let me know if you need another screenshot.

I figured it out! :sob:My hover button wasn’t active and now I can tap once and go over to a new page.

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Ah, that makes sense now, glad you figured it out!