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How do I import figma file into Design System?

As Professional Plan member, I can create a design system file that will be accessible to all team members. When I select “New File”, I see that I can import from Sketch. How do I import from an existing figma file?

Context: We explored various designs to produce elements that are eligible to be part of our design system. Now we need create a design system out of those elements. We don’t find a feature to move those elements into a design system file. If we copy paste those main components into a design system file, it breaks the relationship with children/instances from the other files. If we publish elements as library, it does not create a corresponding design system file where we can maintain/organize components. It is unclear how we can create a design system in Figma out of components created in a project file. Any solution to help?

How to move project file into design system? How to publish library components into design system file? How to merge library components into design system file? How to import design system from existing figma file?

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Moving components between files is not possible at the moment. You can copy/paste and relink to instances with Master plugin. See this post for instructions: Move master components from different files to a new library - #2 by Gleb