How do I get nested components variants to work?

I have an editable table row:

That has a nested component to enable disable using checkbox:

When editing the prototype the edit row variant accepts the nested components variant and shows correctly:

But when I preview the mockup, it ignores the nested component variant:

Any tips to fix this?

Hey @alexf! Do you have a file I could look at? I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at. In your last two screenshots, is the toggle also changing from “Disable” to “Enable” when you view it in prototype mode?

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Hey @Kelsey_Whelan, here’s the file.

It’s more the checkbox table cells. When I see the green tick icon, I want to see checkboxes ticked on edit. When x icon, I want to see checkboxes unchecked on edit. The component won’t save the variant I’ve selected on the nested components though.

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