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How do I animate one section of a frame?

I’m creating an onboarding/login page for a tablet application where the left half will be login/signup and the right half will be a carousel of onboarding material.

I want to keep the left hand side static while the onboarding on the right can have swipe animations independent of the rest of the frame but I can’t quite figure it out.

Any insight?

The easiest way would be to use ▶ Sign up for the Interactive Components beta → but you may be able to achieve the desired effect by simply duplicating the whole screen and building interactions for every state of both sides, if there are not too many.

Hey! A question - can the interactive components animations be seen on a prototype when doing user testing?

I had a few animations and they didnt seem to work when a friend was going through the prototype on her screen. Wondering if that’s normal?

They are a bit buggy so I won’t recommend using them for important work projects. But they should be viewable.

Got it, thanks!