How can I select only layers completely within my highlight area?

In Sketch, I was able to hold the option key in order to only highlight layers that fall completely within the bounds of my highlight area. Is this possible in Figma?

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Cmd + right click gets you a layers menu what your mouse hovers over.

Thank you very much for the quick response. However, that is not what I asked.
I want to know if it is possible in Figma to only select the layers that are within the bounds of your current highlighted area (the container you create as you click and drag).

Sorry, I’m not a Mac user so Sketch is unfamiliar to me.

If that’s not what you were asking, then I suspect you want to switch which selection paradigm Figma uses, which AFAIK isn’t possible.

Figma doesn’t support this at the moment, this is the single feature that I miss from Sketch. Been meaning to create a feature request around this, Miro has just added a nice interaction for it.

EDIT: there’s already a feature request for it (of course), Cmd+Opt+Drag only selects items in bounds. I’ve posted about the above Miro approach into the thread. Suggest you go and vote there for the feature :slight_smile:

Posted my support for the feature request there. Thank you!

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