How can I see where I used my color tokens in Figma?

As a designer, I want to see where I used a specific color token in my design system project and have a preview when making color changes.

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Thanks for reaching out!

In terms of where the instances are used, there’s a plugin called Instance Finder: Unfortunately, Figma isn’t currently offering the feature. We’re aware of this topic, so please vote: You can also search by ⌘/Ctrl F to find layers, which is also helpful.

Regarding the preview when making color changes, if you are using instances within the same file as your main components, Figma applies changes immediately. If the components are published to a library, you need to publish those changes to see those updates in subscribed files. When you publish the libraries, you can view a list of changes to the library. This details any styles and components added, modified, or removed. You can check more details here:

I hope this clarifies your questions! If you have further questions, please feel free to post.