How can I see the full styles in the properties tab?

Ever since the low blow that was the remove of Dev mode, we’ve been looking for a Figma replacement. It was such a scum move.

I dev in Wordpress, so I’m not looking for any code generation. I’m just looking to see all the styles saved in a file to set them all at once before starting to build pages.

In the properties tab, I can see all typography styles names, and colour names (useless), but it stupidly won’t even allow me to see the actual font family used, or even the hex.

I know I can search and click on elements one by one and it will show me their properties. I’d need to find them all at least once. And then set all the styles myself, but that’s doing twice the work the designer already did.

Is that really the only way? I really hope I’m missing something. It’s infuriating.

There are plugins that can help, e.g. Inspect Styles plugin, but you can’t launch plugins as a Viewer so you have to duplicate the file to your drafts and from there you can inspect it using plugins.

I could easily ask for edit permissions. Would that allow me to enable the plugin and benefit from it while in View mode?

View mode is easier to inspect elements and copy content really.

Are you in Pro or Starter team? If you are in Pro team, that would be equivalent to just buying Dev mode for you (team owner pays for Edit + Dev permissions all at once).

Since you would have edit premissions, you would be able to use the plugin. You won’t be able to use the View mode since you are an editor.

No, we use the free tier. Both designer and dev.

Tried the plugin, but still not that useful. It shows the colours, but it doesn’t show all the typography styles set unless you find them in random elements.

It’s just an example, there are countless plugins for handoff/inspect so find one that works for your use-case.