How can I manage the ordering of my toplevel frames?

Here’s an example scenario. Suppose I’m using Figma to make slides for a presentation. Each slide is represented by a toplevel frame. The frames are laid out from left to right and do not overlap. I have 10 slides and I want to insert a slide between slides 4 and 5. I select slide 4 and choose the “Duplicate” command. The new slide is inserted after slide 10 but I wanted it to be inserted between slides 4 and 5. I haven’t been able to find an easy way to move the new slide to be between slides 4 and 5.

What workflow do folks use for this kind of scenario?

My Unsatisfying Solution

The best option I’ve found is this multistep process:

  1. Create an autolayout and place all of the toplevel frames into it.
  2. In the layers pane, move the new slide to be between slides 4 and 5.
  3. In the layers pane, move all of the frames back outside of the autolayout so that they’re back at the toplevel (I don’t want to keep the frames within the autolayout because it breaks things like the “N” (zoom to next frame) command).

I’m hoping to find a more streamlined workflow than this.

I would move blocks manually or do as you unsatisfying solution

You can use the good ol’ Smart Selection feature for that. Super easy and very satisfying!