How can I just resize a frame... normally?! The frame is resizing on the opposite side of where I'm dragging, and I'm going crazy. Holding Command does nothing

I really just feel like screaming. I have been working in Figma for a year and cannot figure this out. Is it an anchor thing? How can I just resize a frame in Auto Layout normally? I want to drag the left side of the frame in, that’s all. Instead, it drags the opposite side of the frame, making it impossible to align things perfectly with the outer frames.

I do not understand this. I can’t find a solution online so far. Trying to get a video but my Snagit won’t record for whatever reason. Hopefully this screenshot explains the issue.


Hello there

If the upper layer is also in auto layout, you can simply select the under layer and make it Fill container. it will automatically adjust it for you

it’s weird if none of upper layers are in auto layout, So it might be the content settings, make all of the fill content inside fill container to make them all adjustable

On the other hand you can adjust none auto layout frames with hitting Ctrl while resizing to ignore constraints

I hope this works for you

Thank you! All of the layers are in Auto Layout. I will try fill content. Do you know if this is happening because content is set to anchor on the left or something?

I do use the Command/Ctrl trick a lot but as you implied it doesn’t work on auto-layout frames. Will keep working with this, thank you!

Hello @bombadillo

Your welcome

If there is no normal frame, there is no anchor. Only Hug, Fill, And fixed. make sure there isn’t one, in messy layering sometimes it get lost

But if you set content inside a normal frame or group, then yes it is where your problem stands

Try to make changes in your layering and your problem should resolve

If you need more help, send me your design sample and i try to help you out

I appreciate a like if this helped you out :rose: :rose: