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How can I dynamicaly scale an object to the height of a text box?

I have a design that requires a line on the left side to automatically scale to the height of the text box beside it. If only 2 lines are entered, that line should adjust to the new height, if 4 lines are entered, again it should scale to the new height of that text.

This feels like it should be fairly easy to do with auto-layout but I can’t seem to figure it out. My apologies if there is a very obvious solution to this.

  1. Wrap the line and text in one horizontal Auto Layout;
  2. For the line, set the “Fill container” vertically in the “Resizing” section;
  3. For the text set “Hug contents” vertically and “Fixed width” horizontally.
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I had a feeling this was going to be embarrassingly simple and I was sure I tried these settings, but I obviously missed something. Thank you so much for your help!