How can I customize text for different varian in the same component?

I have a component with 2 tabs, each one have some cards.
When I use that component, I want to have some text in the cards from tab 1 and some other text in the cards from tab 2.

I can’t figure out how to do it, when I use the component and set the text for the cards in the 2nd variant (tab2), the text replaces all the texts from the tab1.

When creating a component use “create text property”. This way you can replace text.

That didn’t work. I can override text even without creating a property.
Anyway, I tried that but the same thing still happens. I set some text in the cards from Tab 1, then switch to variant tab2, set the text for that variant, return to tab1, and the texts there are the same from the tab2.

In both the variant create separate text property.
Eg: Text 1, Text 2.

If you have only one then the issue you mentioned might happen.

I have a card component, there is where I create the text property. There is no variant there.
Then I have another component with tabs where I use the card comp. In the tab component I have 2 variants, but from there I can’t create a text property for the card component… Can I?