How can I create a button that when pressed, another button appears?

Hey guys!

I’m trying to make a “form” on a page with questions and one of the questions has like and a & b question. What I am trying to create is when one question is answered by selecting one of the 2 options “yes or no”, I want another question to appear below it like a b. style question.

For example, “Do you have any money?” - user is given two options, “yes” or “no”. If they select no, they move on. But if they select yes, I want a follow up question to appear below it. Does anyone know if this is possible or if I need a plugin?

Will appreciate any help! Thanks.


You can achieve this with interactive components or overlay interactions.

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Hey Avokadmos, would you be so kind to share with me a video that shows me how to do this? Or give me a search term I can look for myself? Cheers!

Here’s how to use interactive components:

This video explains overlays:

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