How can I clean up this design system? Can I bulk reassign 500 instances to a new master component?

I just started a new position and took over a design system that the previous designer made. However the way things are set up looks a bit weird to me. It’s been a while since I set up a design system, but this isn’t best practice right?

I’d like to be able to redo some of the master components, or add variations to them. But they’re already used like 500 times in a bunch of files, so then how would I go about updating all of those with the correct new variant / completely reassign their master component?


Apologies for massive image, I can’t post separate screenshots as a new user

My assumption is that the designer mocked up things for developer reference that wouldn’t actually appear in a prototype, hence their not being represented in a component.

I do something similar in my design system. As an example, focus states never appear in a prototype because you can’t tab through elements the way you could on the web. So I show examples of the focus states on the pages for relevant components, but don’t include focus states in the component itself because it makes the component bigger/more complicated than it needs to be.

Yeah I think that’s the reasoning but the pre and post-fix inputs should definitely also be variants

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